Who we are?

Our analytic team consists of 3 analytics, each assigned to different game prediction approach.

They operate separately and autonomy, each in his own field of expertise. That way there can be no conflict in event predictions.

Sports analysis expert: team's condition, current form, motivation, team line-ups, injured players, scheduled events order, inside team relations (players, coach, management, fans).

Historical analysis expert: head-to-head history, historical line-ups, results from past and current season, place and atmospheric conditions, weather and distance impact on team's performance.

Financial analysis expert: checks market movements, bookies odds (pro/against public odds), highest profit possibilities. Analyses based on years of experience making odds for bookies.

Coordinator: receives reports from analytics and checks for possible matches in predictions. ONLY the event that satisfies all criteria separately is taken into consideration. When matching events are selected, he holds a meeting with analytics to go over the analysis one more time for the selected events. That way margin of analytics error is down to minimum.