About us

What is INFO1x2 about?

Betting tips are about sports investment. Unlike most sports fans out there who love the game for fun and pleasure, we have a different approach.
We have recognized that is possible to make living out of sports investment. We take it seriously since it is our main and only source of income.
We are not the first or the last with this idea. However, we are different!

What makes us different?

Our motto is that without a system and serious company organization nothing can work properly.
We are a team where everyone does his part in his field of expertise, the way it has to be done, no questions asked, 100% or more.
When each team member analysis shows the same outcome that is considered as half the work done.
The other half is to see the event come throe as predicted. If one in the team stalls, the whole system collapses and no one is paid.
Taking into consideration that we are investing our own funds and share percentage of profit, failure is not an option.