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What is INFO1x2 about?

Betting tips are about sports investment. Unlike most sports fans out there who love the game for fun and pleasure, we have a different approach.
We have recognized that is possible to make living out of sports investment. We take it seriously since it is our main and only source of income.
We are not the first or the last with this idea. However, we are different!

What makes us different?
Our motto is that without a system and serious company organization nothing can work properly.
We are a team where everyone does his part in his field of expertise, the way it has to be done, no questions asked, 100% or more.
When each team member analysis shows the same outcome that is considered as half the work done.
The other half is to see the event come throe as predicted. If one in the team stalls, the whole system collapses and no one is paid.
Taking into consideration that we are investing our own funds and share percentage of profit, failure is not an option.

Who we are?
Our analytic team consists of 3 analytics, each assigned to different game prediction approach.
They operate separately and autonomy, each in his own field of expertise. That way there can be no conflict in event predictions.

Sports analysis expert: team’s condition, current form, motivation, team line-ups, injured players, scheduled events order, inside team relations (players, coach, management, fans).

Historical analysis expert: head-to-head history, historical line-ups, results from past and current season, place and atmospheric conditions, weather and distance impact on team’s performance.

Financial analysis expert: checks market movements, bookies odds (pro/against public odds), highest profit possibilities. Analyses based on years of experience making odds for bookies.

Coordinator: receives reports from analytics and checks for possible matches in predictions. ONLY the event that satisfies all criteria separately is taken into consideration. When matching events are selected, he holds a meeting with analytics to go over the analysis one more time for the selected events. That way margin of analytics error is down to minimum.

What is our agenda
Our agenda is to make steady and certain profit per cycle. Most of the punters are based on monthly profit, for long terms even annual. We have discovered that the best way for us, in terms of money management and profit, is to do cycles. Keep it simple.

As simple as it comes: take the most money from bookies in the shortest period.

Since we cannot place all the bets in the world ourselves and take all from bookies, we want to share it with people around the world so they can take back what bookies have been taking from them for years + some more.

What do you gain?
You gain insight into our bets. You have read it correctly BETS. Not predictions, based on analysis, but bets. We place bets on the most probable event, thus our money is already online, and you will be able to see what kind of bets we made.

Simple: You gain aces on our bets. Event and predicted outcome.

Follow our instructions on bank management, place a bet, and collect your profit at the end of the cycle.
Excluding miles of analysis and explanations.

Why choose us?
If you are a fan of gambling, and analysis after analysis, then we are not the right choice for you.

We do not do gambling, “fixed” events and write an extensive analysis pre-event and long one post-even, explaining why the outcome is not what we claimed it would be. There are plenty of others that do exactly that. Fortunately, we are not in the same business.

For several years, our team has been successful in predicting event outcomes. First and the hardest year almost brought us to bankruptcy. It took some trials and errors before we have set up a system that works. Ever since we cannot complain about our lifestyle or money problems.

Now we have decided to go public and share our experience in predicting. Naturally, live a good life and help people do it for them. We know how it feels when you own bookies and you cannot break the chanted circle of misses.

With our system, you might not be able to buy villa and brand new Ferrari within the first year, but you will do much better than before betting wise.

This is one of a kind opportunity to make a profit on someone’s experience without too much hustle.

– you will get what is promised and nothing less.
– you will have more profit than before
– you will see sport investing the whole different way
– if we do not deliver you will get a refund
– you will have more time do something else, rather than reading analysis several hours a day
– you will spoil your loved ones with lavishing gifts
– you will be envied by the people around you
– you will have more self-esteem like we all do a great series of hits

– if you do not try, you will never know

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